Paper Moon by Joe David Brown
Where Ocean's Eleven meets The Grapes of Wrath.
Paper Moon chronicles the story of Addie Pray and her companion Long Boy as they travel around depression era Alabama swindling unsuspecting victims out of cars, cotton, and cash.

The story is written in a conversational tone from Addie's perspective. She is eleven years old, quick witted, and intelligent. She aptly bamboozles the unsuspecting authority figures, farmers, and families that mistake her for a normal, well-behaved little girl. As you read you can't help but root for the duo as they drive away in their souped up tractor. 

Inscribed in my copy is the following message from a dear friend: "I give you this book in hope that should you ever find yourselves accompanied by the all-familiar-blues, that this book would serve to remind you that your unique charisma and relentless spunk make the lives of the people you cross that much more interesting." This book provided a delightful escape into the world of Addie and Long Boy and reminded me that the attitude we have as we take on every day problems oftentimes is more important than the outcome.

3.5 pawprints out of 5 - it's worth picking up for sure.
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