The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Charming and refreshing perspective on love and attraction
The Rosie Project reads like a quirky romantic comedy with laughs, twists and turns, and a heart-warming conclusion but also poses profound questions about emotion, logic, conventionality, and social norms.

The story is told from the point of view of Genetics professor Don Tillman who has a weekly meal schedule, a regimented daily exercise routine, and spends his time as efficiently as possible. When he decides that he needs a wife he turns toward the scientific method and begins the Wife Project. In an attempt to find the most suitable mate, Don creates a survey measuring various acceptable and unacceptable attributes.

Enter Rosie. Rosie smokes, is a non-academic, does not eat meat, drinks in access, and is quickly disqualified from the Wife Project. However when Rosie and Don embark on a new project to find her father, Don is confronted with an emotional conundrum that perplexes and fascinates him.

What happens when your actions do not follow logic? How do you know when you are or are not in love? What do you do when your identity conflicts with a goal?

 The Rosie Project is charming, engaging, and surprisingly deep. If you are looking for a lighter read, I suggest picking it up.

 4 pawprints out of 5
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